On set at the Indiana University Musical Arts Center. We were taping new scenes for an ad featuring Ailyn Perez.

(left to right): Jo Throckmorton, Angelo Pizzo, Ailyn Perez, and Jack Green after finishing a day of shooting at the Indiana University Musical Arts Center.

On location at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. We used a RED Scartlet camera from this project and shot in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati over the course of 10 days.

Angelo Pizzo directs Mark Cuban in front of the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Jack Green, ASC, and Angelo Pizzo prepping the camera on the Insert Car as we get ready to tape “on-the-road” footage of our featured actor.

Blue Ace Media has a vast array of capabilities, and for Indiana University we provided an Insert Car and Picture Car for “on-the-road” footage of a featured alum.

We came up with the studio-based show concept, built the set, hired the actors, and flew in Lilly experts for the production of a video introducing a new diabetes-control product. Jo Throckmorton served as the producer and the live-to-tape director.

Setting up for a weekly broadcast TV show, This Is Indiana, produced for Indiana University Athletics.  50 shows were taped and broadcast on WTTV-TV and the Big Ten Network in the course of two years.

On location in Wisconsin taping a Civil War re-enactment for Boston Productions.  150 re-enactors with horses, functioning cannons and lots of gunpowder.

Blue Ace crew on stage of the MAC (Musical Arts Center) on the campus of IU as we prepare to shoot a scene of a “young” Ailyn Perez in performance.

On set (as the First Assistant Director) with Andrew Luck, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Blue Ace crew preparing a shot in front of The Royal Opera House (Covent Garden) in London, England.  Ailyn Perez, opera soprano, was featured in this commercial for Indiana University.

Jo Throckmorton directs the action on the stage of the IU Auditorium during the taping of the 113 Days of Art commercial.  Current actors, musicians, and ballet dancers were featured in this stylized video.

Jo Throckmorton and Angelo Pizzo prepare a shot during the taping of an IU commercial focused on a “young” Mark Cuban’s experience as a student.

Fred Murphy, the Director of Photography of The Good Wife on ABC-TV (and DP of the movie, Hoosiers) sets up a shot on the stage of the Musical Arts Center for the Indiana University branding commercial featuring Ailyn Perez.

The Blue Ace Media crew at work on the floor of Indiana University’s Assembly Hall during the taping of Hoosiers Rising.  We taped interviews, segments, b-roll, and supervised film-to-tape transfers in the creation of this DVD which tells the history of IU’s storied men’s basketball program.

Raggs & Jo Throckmorton discuss a shot before taping a scene for the “Downtown Bloomington” TV commercials.

Jo Throckmorton and Angelo Pizzo on set for the Indiana University “Mark Cuban” TV commercial.

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