Archive | August, 2014

Filmworks Completes Week on the Road with Toyota

Jo Throckmorton completed a week on the road with Toyota taping interviews with technicians and dealers across the country. The project took Jo from Ontario, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, and points in between. Filmworks transported the necessary equipment from location to location to save the client money and to assure the highest possible quality of product ~ rather than renting questionable equipment at each stop. When you want a company that knows what they’re doing, call us. We’re not a kid with a camera, we’re a trusted and experienced media production firm.

IU School of Law turns to Filmworks

The Indiana University School of Law is working directly with Jo Throckmorton Filmworks on an ambitious research project focused on courtroom behavior and legal representation. Three days of taping featured 15 actors, 3 cameras, set building, and a full “live to tape” control room. Jo developed and directed the approach of taping the courtroom scenarios as done on live tapings of TV shows to add to the realism. This process saved the client time and money and has increased the speed of delivery. When you need experience and expertise, turn to Filmworks. We’re more than just a kid with a camera.