Archive | September, 2014

People Love Our Work

I received a very nice note from one of the dealers I visited last week for an interview. It’s always nice to hear from people out there who appreciate the skill and expertise my company can bring to a project. Thanks for the kudos!

I want to personally thank you for choosing our dealership and visiting Atlanta this week to develop resources for technician recruitment. I was moved deeply by the interviews with our technicians. The thought provoking questions and the answers were very enlightening and educational for me. I can’t thank you enough for allowing our dealership personnel to be a part of this project.

I also want to thank Jo Throckmorton for his assistance to you on this project. He clearly understands the importance of technician recruitment and was instrumental in the interviews in addition to the videography. Please pass on my sincere appreciation of the ASEC and 5S video Jo produced at Prolift. This Video was seminal in the launch of 5S at our dealership.

~Lee Smith, Dealer Principal