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Cuban TVC seen more than 1/2 a Million Times

The Mark Cuban spot which I produced for IU Communications & Marketing resulted in, by far, the most popular post ever featured on the IU Facebook page.  It reached about 659,000 people, which is more than three times the TOTAL audience of the IU Facebook page (216,000) in the first few weeks of its posting. The post has also generated what’s likely the largest number of clicks, likes, comments and shares the page has ever seen.

This is a testament to two things.  1)  The commercial we created demonstrates the power of a good story to tell explain a larger idea.  I believe that social media is great – but in the end it can be significantly better through telling stories rather than just pushing out endless posts and nonsense just to generate numbers, rankings and statistics.  People remember good stories – and Mark Cuban is a great story.

2)  This success goes beyond one person, our writer/director Angelo Pizzo.  The production of this commercial is an incredible story of LOCAL and UNIVERSITY artists who collaborated to create this and a second commercial for IU.  To name just a few:

  • 70-piece orchestra made up of university students and recorded/mixed by university staff
  • 100 students and community members who showed up to Assembly Hall as extras
  • 14 costume, wig, and make up professionals from the IU School of Music
  • 16 Telecommunication students serving as apprentices to filmmakers during the production of the commercials
  • Production support (20 staff) of IU Communications in the logistics coordination
  • 200 (total) students and community members who showed up on the 2 separate occasions for the audience scenes

And, I’m certainly proud of my efforts to not only seek out and convince Angelo to work with us to write and direct but to also lure top-notch directors of photography to come to Indiana to work with us (Fred Murphy and Jack Green).  I am proud to have successfully produced these two large projects.  The university trusted me and my skills.  Seeing this type of response to the final product provides some validation for all the hard work.  There’s a lot of credit to be passed around and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done so far.