Triple Winner!

Jo Throckmorton Filmworks was a triple winner this spring in the annual “Telly Awards” for excellence in video production.  We won TWO prestigious “Silver Telly” awards – the competitions highest honor.  JTF also received a “Bronze Telly” representing work done at the highest level of professional standards.

Our Silver Telly Winners are:  “Mark Cuban: Indiana University TV Commercial,” and “Ailyn Perez: Indiana University TV Commercial.”

Our Bronze Telly Award is:  “Indiana University Football 2014” TV Commercial.


Cuban TVC seen more than 1/2 a Million Times

The Mark Cuban spot which I produced for IU Communications & Marketing resulted in, by far, the most popular post ever featured on the IU Facebook page.  It reached about 659,000 people, which is more than three times the TOTAL audience of the IU Facebook page (216,000) in the first few weeks of its posting. The post has also generated what’s likely the largest number of clicks, likes, comments and shares the page has ever seen.

This is a testament to two things.  1)  The commercial we created demonstrates the power of a good story to tell explain a larger idea.  I believe that social media is great – but in the end it can be significantly better through telling stories rather than just pushing out endless posts and nonsense just to generate numbers, rankings and statistics.  People remember good stories – and Mark Cuban is a great story.

2)  This success goes beyond one person, our writer/director Angelo Pizzo.  The production of this commercial is an incredible story of LOCAL and UNIVERSITY artists who collaborated to create this and a second commercial for IU.  To name just a few:

  • 70-piece orchestra made up of university students and recorded/mixed by university staff
  • 100 students and community members who showed up to Assembly Hall as extras
  • 14 costume, wig, and make up professionals from the IU School of Music
  • 16 Telecommunication students serving as apprentices to filmmakers during the production of the commercials
  • Production support (20 staff) of IU Communications in the logistics coordination
  • 200 (total) students and community members who showed up on the 2 separate occasions for the audience scenes

And, I’m certainly proud of my efforts to not only seek out and convince Angelo to work with us to write and direct but to also lure top-notch directors of photography to come to Indiana to work with us (Fred Murphy and Jack Green).  I am proud to have successfully produced these two large projects.  The university trusted me and my skills.  Seeing this type of response to the final product provides some validation for all the hard work.  There’s a lot of credit to be passed around and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done so far.

Oliver Winery Celebrates with Filmworks

Oliver Winery will be celebrating the holidays with a new commercial produced by Jo Throckmorton Filmworks.  We worked closely with the Oliver Winery creative team to capture the holiday spirit at the end of 2013 so we could use the footage to promote visits and purchases for the 2014 season.  We plan ahead.  That’s what we do.  Call us if you want us to plan ahead for you.

TV Commercials for IU Roll Out Wide!

The Indiana University branding commercials were put into wide release on broadcast and cable starting October 6, 2014.  The two ads, featuring Mark Cuban and Ailyn Perez, have met with an overwhelmingly positive response.  You can see the results of our work on nearly any cable channel from Chicago to Louisville as well as ABC and CBS.

People Love Our Work

I received a very nice note from one of the dealers I visited last week for an interview. It’s always nice to hear from people out there who appreciate the skill and expertise my company can bring to a project. Thanks for the kudos!

I want to personally thank you for choosing our dealership and visiting Atlanta this week to develop resources for technician recruitment. I was moved deeply by the interviews with our technicians. The thought provoking questions and the answers were very enlightening and educational for me. I can’t thank you enough for allowing our dealership personnel to be a part of this project.

I also want to thank Jo Throckmorton for his assistance to you on this project. He clearly understands the importance of technician recruitment and was instrumental in the interviews in addition to the videography. Please pass on my sincere appreciation of the ASEC and 5S video Jo produced at Prolift. This Video was seminal in the launch of 5S at our dealership.

~Lee Smith, Dealer Principal

Filmworks Completes Week on the Road with Toyota

Jo Throckmorton completed a week on the road with Toyota taping interviews with technicians and dealers across the country. The project took Jo from Ontario, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, and points in between. Filmworks transported the necessary equipment from location to location to save the client money and to assure the highest possible quality of product ~ rather than renting questionable equipment at each stop. When you want a company that knows what they’re doing, call us. We’re not a kid with a camera, we’re a trusted and experienced media production firm.

IU School of Law turns to Filmworks

The Indiana University School of Law is working directly with Jo Throckmorton Filmworks on an ambitious research project focused on courtroom behavior and legal representation. Three days of taping featured 15 actors, 3 cameras, set building, and a full “live to tape” control room. Jo developed and directed the approach of taping the courtroom scenarios as done on live tapings of TV shows to add to the realism. This process saved the client time and money and has increased the speed of delivery. When you need experience and expertise, turn to Filmworks. We’re more than just a kid with a camera.

Indiana University Commercial Campaign

Jo Throckmorton Filmworks recently finished the year-long production of two major TV commercials created in partnership with Indiana University’s marketing arm. We brought Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers), Fred Murphy (The Good Wife), and Jack Green (50 First Dates) onto the project. Two commercials were created featuring IU alums. They will be seen on television in the fall.

Filmworks Selected by Toyota

Jo Throckmorton Filmworks has been selected by Toyota to create a series of technician recruitment videos and online media marketing campaigns for international distribution (US & Canada). We will travel to 8 different cities throughout the US and Canada in the course of one month to do extensive on-site video interviews and videography. The entire project will be finished in our Bloomington office located on the city’s north side.

This is a significant benchmark in the sourcing of video production by Toyota. Previously, this work was done in Southern California. The 17 year relationship between Jo Throckmorton Filmworks and Toyota on other projects led to the move of this work from California to Bloomington, Indiana.

Recent Article In Herald Times

Here is the article from March 14, 2014:

Blue Ace Media Produces Downtown Videos

Blue Ace Media completed five videos for Downtown Bloomington Inc.’s annual awards in March. The company donated the cost of production and editing, conducting 11 interviews over four days, according to owner Jo Throckmorton. The videos were unveiled at the Downtown Bloomington Awards, then will be made available on YouTube and on a link on Downtown Bloomington’s website. This is the fourth year Blue Ace Media has worked with Downtown Bloomington on videos.

Here is the story link: